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Asian food from LOODDL - Your favorite Asia Shop, online

You love Asian cuisine and want to cook your favorite recipes with fresh ingredients yourself at home? At looddl Asia Shop, you'll find all the ingredients you need online. From fresh vegetables to noodles and rice to freshly caught frozen products, sauces and snacks, we offer Asian food in all facets. Thanks to our many years of experience as a supplier for the most popular Asian restaurants in Switzerland and our excellent network with local producers, we offer an enormous range of authentic Asian products of the highest quality.

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Start your journey into Asian cuisine with looddl. Get inspired by our recommendations, search specifically for Asian food like Flying Goose Sriracha, Fish Balls and Instant Noodles or use our food categories for a relaxed shopping experience on the go or at home.

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Asian cuisine is diverse. Each country's cuisine has its own charm, which you can discover for yourself. Choose your favorite cuisine and browse the exquisite offer.

  • Chinese cuisine: Due to the size of the country and many different traditions, a variety of regional cuisines have developed. What they all have in common is the emphasis on fresh ingredients and balanced flavors. Whether it's Kung Pao Chicken, Mapo Tofu or Hot Pot, at looddl you'll find all the fresh ingredients you need for your Chinese dishes.
  • Indian cuisine: Deep flavors, which mature through a wide range of spices and herbs to a beguiling taste experience, characterize the Indian cuisine. Famous for its curry variations, the Central Asian cuisine offers a lot more: Tandoori or Biryani dishes, Ayurvedic cuisine as well as delicious drinks like Chai or Lassis.
  • Indian cuisine
  • Indonesian cuisine: Spicy or mild? In any case, Indonesian cuisine is varied and offers its own highlights from island to island. Cultural influences from India, China, the Middle East and the Netherlands have helped inspire this unique cuisine. Delicious spices and seasoning pastes, like Sambal, play a big role along with rice. Want to prepare Gado-Gado, Lontong or Nasi Padang at home? Looddl delivers the necessary ingredients anywhere in Switzerland within a few days.
  • Japanese cuisine: Many Swiss know and love Sushi and Sashimi with soy sauce and wasabi. But Japanese cuisine has much more to offer. It is known for its sophistication, precision in preparation and its focus on fresh, high-quality ingredients. From delicious beef dishes to hearty ramen noodles and tempura. Enjoy delicate dishes or delicious snacks accompanied by a selection of fine Sake or Wine specialties from your Asia Shop online:
  • Korean cuisine: The flavors of Korean cuisine are a complex structure of spiciness, sweetness, salt and umami. Rich stews are part of almost every meal, as are fermented ingredients (e.g. Kimchi or Gochujang) - served with rice. Those who like small bites will love the side dishes, Banchan, that accompany a typical meal. Whether it's Japchae, Budae Jjigae, or Ttoekbokki, you can easily bring typical Korean dishes to the table with our selection of Korean foods.
  • Korean cuisine
  • Filipino cuisine: Less spicy, but just as varied - Filipino cuisine is shaped by different cultural influences and therefore shines with varied tastes and preparation methods. Whether hearty Adobo, sour Sinigang soup or sweet Halo-Halo: fresh regional ingredients add the finishing touch to every dish here.
  • Thai cuisine: Fresh and balanced in taste - traditionally, a Thai dish should harmoniously combine sweet, sour, salty and spicy elements. This works particularly well with a creamy Thai curry on jasmine rice. Thai street food, which combines simple ingredients to create delicious dishes, is also very popular at home and internationally. Served with Thai Flying Goose Sriracha Sauce. With Asian food from looddl, you too can become a street food chef and prepare a delicious Pad Thai, Satay skewers or green papaya salad.
  • Thai cuisine
  • Vietnamese cuisine: If you prefer light, fresh cuisine, this is the place for you. Spicy herbs and natural flavors give noodle dishes and soups their distinctive taste. The lukewarm noodle salads with herbs and lettuce are refreshing in summer, a delicious Pho with rice noodles, meat or seafood warms pleasantly in winter.
Discover the range of Asian food in the looddl Asia Shop. Order online now and have it delivered to your home.

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Foodstuffs make very special demands on shipping. To ensure that your Asian food always arrives fresh and in high quality, we send it exclusively by Swiss Post with Priority or Swiss-Express "Moon". Special insulated boxes for chilled and frozen foods are supplemented with dry ice to maintain the cold chain to your home at all times.

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  • Any order received by 3pm will be shipped the same business day.
  • Orders after 3pm will be shipped the following day.
  • Pick-up: Simply order online in the Asia Shop, select pick-up date and time and pick up from us when it suits you. Visit us in Bachenbülach, only 25 minutes north of Zurich.
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You want to cook Asian food, but you need inspiration? In our recipe collection you'll find lots of great ideas to try out - with handy links to the ingredients you need. From traditional dishes to popular street food to new trend foods, we've cooked it all for you, documented it and of course tasted it for quality control. Click here for the recipes: