Mandu Skin (8cm) - 150g

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Pamper your skin with Mandu Skin! These 8cm dough sheets are the key to perfect, homemade dumplings. Made from high-quality ingredients, they allow you to wrap your favorite fillings and create delicious, authentic mandus. Ideal for dinner parties, cozy evenings or whenever you feel like a culinary trip to Korea. Discover the dumpling master in you!


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Are you ready to expand your culinary horizons? Then let yourself be enchanted by the magic of Mandu Skin (8cm) - 150g from ALLGROO.

Mandu skin, also known as dumpling dough, is an essential part of Asian cuisine. Made from high quality wheat flour, water and salt, it provides the perfect base for delicious, homemade dumplings.

Imagine sitting at home on a chilly evening, the aroma of freshly made dumplings filling the air. You take a bite and experience an explosion of flavor that transports you straight to the bustling streets of Asia. Whether filled with juicy meat, crunchy vegetables or sweet red bean paste - with Mandu Skin you can let your creativity run wild.

The 150g pack is ideal for small families or individuals who want to experience the authentic taste of Asia at home. But Mandu Skin is not only suitable for dumplings. You can also use it for ravioli, empanadas or even sweet dumplings. The possibilities are endless!

And if you think making dumplings is complicated, think again! With Mandu Skin, it's easier than ever. Just roll out the pastry sheets, top with your favorite filling, fold and cook. It's that easy!

So, what are you waiting for? Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of Asian cuisine with Mandu Skin from ALLGROO. But be warned: once you've taken your first bite, you'll never want to go back!


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