The following text is a translated version of the German version which is the only valid version of these terms of use.

Data security
Your personal information is protected on our site. Everything is transmitted by encrypted HTTPS protocol. Our site is protected against unauthorised access or destruction.

Right of information
You can ask for your personal data that is stored on our site without stating a reason why. You can request to delete them at any time. You may also change the permission of what we can use the data for at any time. Please contact us at:

Storage of data
To process the sale, for our services, technical administration, internal marketing research and to guarantee the correspondence between you and us as well as for creating your customer account, we ask for your personal data which is: name, address, email, phone number. This data can be passed to other companies if this is necessary to fulfill the contract. This means in detail:

a) We will give your address to the shipping company that will deliver the products to your home.
b) The data will be forwarded to the corresponding payment services for payment processing (i.e. PayPal, Mastercard and VISA).
c) In case of missing payments, your data can be forwarded to a collection or information agency.