Dol Bibimgi 20cm (Stone Bowl)

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Experience authentic Korea with Dol Bibimgi 20cm (Stone Bowl)! This traditional stone bowl keeps your food warm for longer and gives your dishes a unique, rustic touch. Perfect for bibimbap, soups or stews. Transform your kitchen into a Korean gourmet restaurant. Your culinary adventure starts here!

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Have you ever had the pleasure of serving your food in a real stone bowl? Looddl.ch presents the Dol Bibimgi 20cm (Stone Bowl), a piece of Korean tradition right in your kitchen.

The Dol Bibimgi is more than just a bowl. Made from robust stone, it keeps your food warm for longer and provides a unique culinary experience. Its origins lie in Korean cuisine, where it is traditionally used for dishes such as bibimbap and dolsot bibimbap.

Imagine serving your guests a steaming bibimbap in this authentic stone bowl. Or perhaps a hearty dolsot bibimbap that sizzles and sizzles in the bowl. The possibilities are endless and limited only by your creativity.

With a diameter of 20cm, the Dol Bibimgi is ideal for single portions, but also large enough to serve dishes for several people. It is perfect for anyone who wants to upgrade their kitchen and offer their guests an unforgettable dining experience.

But why stick to tradition? The Dol Bibimgi can also be used for other dishes. How about a hot soup that is served in the bowl and stays warm until the last spoonful? Or perhaps a crispy risotto that forms a delicious crust at the bottom of the bowl?

So, what are you waiting for? Get the Dol Bibimgi 20cm (Stone Bowl) and bring a piece of Korean tradition into your kitchen. But be warned: once you've had the pleasure of cooking and serving in a real stone bowl, you'll never want to go back to your old bowls!

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on  25.12.2022
(Dol Bibimgi 20cm (Stone Bowl)):

Same like in Miss Miu Zürich. Excelent

Very good quality, and exactly like Miss Miu in Zürich, Bowls.
10 min at 250C in the oven work perfect for Bibimbap.