The following text is a translated version of the German version which is the only valid version of these terms of service.

§ 1 General and scope
All business relations between the company looddl (i.e looddl) and its clients (i.e customer) are subject to these general terms and conditions from the time of order.

§ 2 Order and contract
The client's order is an offer to looddl to conclude a purchase contract. looddl will inform the customer about the details of the order by email which is not a conclusion of the contract by looddl. The purchase contract will be concluded by looddl, either by sending the articles or email which confirms that the articles have been sent. Therefore, customers have to ensure that the email address that they provide us is correct and that the receipt of the emails is technically ensured without prevention by SPAM filters in particular.

§ 3 Prices
The valid prices are the ones at the time of the order. This holds not true for fallacies and incorrectly entered products. All prices are inclusive of the Swiss VAT. Empties are possibly treated separately. The goods will be delivered to an address of the customer in Switzerland. The sale takes place exclusively in Switzerland. Place of jurisdiction is Winterthur ZH. The import of the goods in other countries are on the customer's risk. looddl is not responsible for costs caused by the export of the goods even if the declaration of the order or products were the cause of higher costs.

§ 4 Delivery
The goods will be delivered to the address specified by the user at the conditions that were valid at the time of the order. It's not possible to pick up the goods directly at looddl's storage. looddl is legitimated to ship parts of the order separately. In this case, the customer has only to pay the shipping costs for one shipment. If the customer falls into default of acceptance or neglects other duties, looddl is legitimated to claim costs. Detailed information about shipping costs can be found at the checkout process.

§ 5 Retention of property
The goods remain property of looddl until the full amount of the order price has been paid at the valid conditions of the order.

§ 6 Payment conditions
1. The payment has to be done at the conditions that were valid at the time of the order.
2. The payment has to be done in advance with one of the at available payment methods (i.e. bankwire, PayPal, credit card). Other payment methods need explicit approval by looddl.
3. If orders are not paid within 10 days, looddl reserves the right to cancel them without consultation.
4. looddl can charge default interest of 5% per annum as well as a dunning fee of CHF 30.- per reminder in case of default of the customer.

§ 7 Warranty
In case of any deficiencies, the statutory provisions are applied. The recurse demanding is only possible if looddl has agreed to it in advance.

§ 8 Liability
looddl is only liable in case of intent and gross negligence. looddl is not liable for slight negligence except for damages caused by harms of life, body or health as well as well as injuries of contractual obligations. In this case the responsibility is limited to predictable damages. The legal representatives are not more liable than looddl itself. Break damages are fully covered by looddl. The customer is obligated to check the order in presence of the supplier and record any break damages.