CJO Tteokbokki Sauce - 120g

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Turn your meal into a Korean feast with CJO Tteokbokki sauce! This spicy and sweet sauce is the key to authentic tteokbokki, a popular Korean street food. Perfect for preparing rice cakes, noodles or as a dip for vegetables. Let yourself be enchanted by Korean cuisine and bring the taste of Seoul directly into your kitchen. Try it out and experience the taste of Korea!

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Are you ready to send your taste buds on a journey into the fascinating world of Korean cuisine? Then let yourself be tempted by the CJO Tteokbokki Sauce - 120g that we have in store for you at Looddl.ch.

CJO Tteokbokki Sauce is a spicy and sweet sauce that is an indispensable part of Korean cuisine. Produced by O'FOOD, a renowned Korean food manufacturer, this sauce is at the heart of the popular dish Tteokbokki, a street food classic made from rice cakes and fish cakes. The main ingredient of this sauce is gochujang, a fermented chili paste known for its unique spiciness and deep flavor.

There are many ways to use this sauce. Of course, you can use it to make traditional tteokbokki, but it is also ideal for seasoning stir-fry dishes, as a dip for vegetables or to enhance your soups and stews.

With a pack size of 120g, the CJO Tteokbokki sauce is ideal for anyone who loves Korean cuisine or simply wants to try something new. It is perfect for single households, but also for families who like to cook and eat together.

But why not get creative? How about a Tteokbokki pizza or a Tteokbokki burger, for example? Or use the sauce as a base for a spicy marinade for grilled meat. The possibilities are endless!

So, what are you waiting for? Immerse yourself in the world of Korean flavors and let yourself be enchanted by the CJO Tteokbokki sauce. But be careful: this sauce can be addictive! Once you've tried it, you'll never want to be without it again. So get started and bring a piece of Korea into your kitchen!

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