Vermicelli Sweet Potato (Wide) - 200g

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Discover versatility with Vermicelli Sweet Potato (Wide)! These wide sweet potato noodles are the key to countless delicious dishes. Whether in a hearty soup, as a side dish or in a colorful salad - they bring variety and flavor to your plate. Be inspired by the diversity of Asian cuisine and create your own noodle masterpiece!


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Have you ever experienced the magic of Sweet Potato Vermicelli? These wide noodles, made by JING YI GEN, are a culinary wonder waiting to be discovered. They are made from sweet potato starch, which gives them a unique texture and a subtle, sweet taste. Originally from Asia, they have found their way into cuisines around the world.

Sweet Potato Vermicelli are incredibly versatile and can be used in a variety of dishes. Whether in a hearty soup, as a side dish to your favorite curry or in a refreshing salad, these noodles are always a good choice. They are also an excellent gluten-free alternative to conventional wheat pasta.

With a pack size of 200g, they are ideal for individuals or small families. They are also a great choice for anyone looking to spice up their diet or looking for new flavor experiences.

But wait, there's more! Sweet Potato Vermicelli can also be used in desserts. Yes, you heard right! Try them cooked in a sweet syrup and served with coconut milk. You'll be surprised how good they taste.

So, are you ready to start your culinary adventure? Dive into the world of Sweet Potato Vermicelli and discover what you've been missing! But hurry, these noodles are very popular and could sell out quickly. So, what are you waiting for? Let yourself be enchanted by the magic of Sweet Potato Vermicelli!

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