Pang-chicharon - 500g

CHF 14.50

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Crispy, spicy, irresistible! Pang chicharon is the ultimate snack for anyone looking for something special. Made from crispy deep-fried pork skin, this Filipino delicacy offers the perfect crunch. Ideal for social gatherings, movie nights or simply as a snack between meals. Let yourself be tempted by this taste sensation!

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Have you ever experienced the crispy pleasure of pang chicharon? This snack is a real highlight for anyone looking for something special. Pang chicharon is a traditional Filipino snack made by NIDA, consisting of deep-fried pork skin. This snack is not only crispy, but also incredibly tasty and offers a unique taste experience.

Pang-Chicharon is the perfect snack for between meals, but also ideal for parties or cozy evenings with friends. The 500g pack has enough for everyone and is therefore ideal for social gatherings. Pang chicharon is also a real insider tip as a topping for rice or noodle dishes.

Are you looking for a creative use? How about pang chicharon as a crispy side dish to a fresh salad or as a topping for a creamy soup? The possibilities are endless and there are no limits to your creativity.

So, what are you waiting for? Discover the crunchy pleasure of pang chicharon and bring a piece of Filipino tradition into your kitchen. But be warned: this snack is so delicious that you won't be able to stop nibbling. So, are you ready for your new favorite snack experience? Then try pang chicharon now and be amazed by its unique taste!


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