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Seasoned Bellflower Root - 200g

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Awaken your dishes with Seasoned Bellflower Root! This Korean superfood gives your dishes a unique, spicy flavor. Perfect for salads, soups or as a side dish, it brings variety to your kitchen. Discover the taste of Korea and be inspired by the versatility of bellflower root. Your culinary adventure awaits!

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Have you ever experienced the exotic diversity of Korean cuisine? Let the Seasoned Bellflower Root - 200g, produced by ASSI, take you into a world of unique flavors.

Seasoned Bellflower Root, also known as Doraji, is a traditional Korean delicacy. The bellflower root is carefully selected, dried and marinated in a mixture of soy sauce, sesame oil and spices. The result is a product of unparalleled quality and taste that carries the essence of Korean cuisine.

Whether as a side dish to your favorite dish, as an ingredient in your salad or as a snack between meals - the Seasoned Bellflower Root is versatile and adds an exotic touch to any dish. The 200g pack is ideal for anyone who likes to experiment and is looking for new taste experiences.

But why not try something new? How about a Korean pancake, for example, refined with Seasoned Bellflower Root? Or give your kimchi a special twist by adding a few pieces of the marinated root. There are no limits to your creativity!

So, what are you waiting for? Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of Korean cuisine and discover the Seasoned Bellflower Root for yourself. But be warned: once you've tried it, you won't be able to get enough!

South Korea
at min. -18°C, do not refreeze after defrost
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