Tempura Squid Rings - 1kg

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Crispy, delicious, irresistible! Our tempura squid rings are the perfect treat for seafood lovers. Fresh from the sea and baked in crispy tempura batter, these squid rings offer the ultimate taste. Ideal for dinner parties, as a side dish or simply as a snack between meals. Immerse yourself in the taste of the ocean!

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Have you ever tried the crispy delicacy from the sea? Let yourself be tempted by the tempura squid rings from MARNATURA, which will delight you with their unique taste and crispy texture.

The tempura squid rings are nothing more than squid rings that have been deep-fried in a light tempura batter. Made by MARNATURA, a renowned seafood producer, these squid rings come from sustainable fisheries and are freshly processed to preserve their natural flavor.

Whether as a starter, snack or side dish, tempura squid rings are versatile. Serve them with a spicy soy sauce or a creamy aioli dip for an irresistible treat. Or how about an exotic salad in which the crispy rings play the starring role?

With a pack size of 1 kg, the tempura squid rings are ideal for parties or family celebrations. But they are also perfect for a snack between meals or as a special treat on movie night.

But did you know that you can also use tempura squid rings in creative ways? For example, how about a pizza topped with the crispy rings, fresh tomatoes and mozzarella? Or try them as a topping for your pasta or your favorite salad.

So, what are you waiting for? Dive into the crispy world of tempura squid rings and discover what you've been missing! But be warned: these crispy rings are so delicious that they can be addictive. So, ready for a crispy adventure? Then let yourself be tempted by the tempura squid rings and order today!


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