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Medium Grain Rice (Bap, Sushi) - 2.26kg

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Experience the taste of Asia with our Medium Grain Rice! This versatile rice is the perfect base for your sushi creations or the traditional Korean dish bap. With its medium grain and ideal stickiness ratio, it is a must-have for every rice lover. Transform your kitchen into an Asian gourmet paradise. Your culinary adventure starts here!


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Have you ever looked for the perfect rice for your sushi or bap? presents the Medium Grain Rice (Bap, Sushi) - 2.26kg from RHEE CHUN that will broaden your culinary horizons! This rice is more than just a side dish, it's the centerpiece of your meal and brings the authentic taste of Asia right into your kitchen.

But what makes this rice so special? Produced by RHEE CHUN, a renowned manufacturer from South Korea, this rice is of the highest quality and offers a perfect balance between taste and texture. Its medium grain ensures a pleasant consistency, while its natural flavor takes your dishes to a new level.

Whether you are a sushi master or a beginner in Asian cuisine, this rice is the perfect base for your creations. The 2.26kg pack provides enough rice for several meals and is ideal for families or parties. But this rice is not only suitable for sushi or bap. You can also serve it as a side dish to your favorite curry or use it in your next risotto.

And if you're feeling creative, why not try something new? How about a sweet rice pudding or a savory rice casserole? The possibilities are endless!

So, what are you waiting for? Dive into the world of Medium Grain Rice (Bap, Sushi) - 2.26kg from RHEE CHUN and discover what you've been missing! Your taste buds will thank you. But beware: this rice could become your new favorite product! Once you've tried it, you'll never want to go back to any other rice. So why wait any longer? Give in to your culinary cravings and experience the authentic taste of RHEE CHUN's Medium Grain Rice.

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