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Anchovy IQF - 1kg

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Dive into the world of seafood with Anchovy IQF! These first-class, frozen anchovies are a must for every fish lover. Perfect for pizza, pasta or as a crunchy snack between meals. With their intense flavor, they add that certain something to any dish. Let the quality and freshness convince you - bring the ocean straight to your home!

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Have you ever felt the taste of the sea on your tongue? With Anchovy IQF - 1kg you can bring the freshness and unmistakable taste of the ocean directly into your kitchen. These small fish, also known as anchovies, are a true treasure of the seas and are known for their intense, salty flavor.

Anchovy IQF - 1kg are frozen anchovies presented in their purest form. They come from the clear waters of the Atlantic and are frozen immediately after being caught to preserve their freshness and quality. The main protagonist here is of course the fish itself, which impresses with its unique taste and texture.

These anchovies are a true all-rounder in the kitchen. They are the perfect ingredient for a classic Napoletana pizza, add that certain something to your Caesar salad or can be served as a spicy garnish for your aperitif. The 1kg pack is ideal for anyone who likes to experiment and is looking for new taste experiences.

But why not try something new? How about anchovy butter, for example, to add a salty note to your steak or grilled vegetables? Or try it in your next risotto and be surprised by the explosion of flavor.

So, what are you waiting for? Dive into the world of anchovies and discover what you've been missing! But be warned: once you've tasted the intense flavor of Anchovy IQF - 1kg, you'll wonder how you ever cooked without them.

at min. -18°C, do not refreeze after defrost
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