Frozen Sticky Rice with Mango - 250g

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Sweet temptation with an exotic twist! Our Frozen Sticky Rice with Mango is the perfect dessert for anyone looking for something special. Enjoy the unique taste of juicy mango combined with the sweet, sticky rice. Ideal for dinner parties, cozy evenings or as a special treat between meals. Let yourself be enchanted by this tropical taste experience!

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Have you ever experienced the exotic sweetness of mango with the unique taste of sticky rice? Let yourself be enchanted by AROY-D's Frozen Sticky Rice with Mango, a traditional Thai dessert that will take your taste buds on a journey to the land of smiles.

Frozen Sticky Rice with Mango is a delicious combination of juicy mango pieces and sticky rice cooked in coconut milk. This dessert is a tribute to Thai cuisine, known for its harmonious balance between sweet, salty, sour and spicy.

This dessert is perfect for those who are looking for an exotic taste experience or simply want to end their meal on a sweet note. The 250g pack is ideal for one person or to share with a loved one.

But why just as a dessert? Why not as a sweet breakfast or snack between meals? Or add it to your favorite ice cream for a tropical twist. The possibilities are endless!

So, are you ready to send your taste buds on an exotic journey? Let yourself be carried away by the sweet seduction of AROY-D's Frozen Sticky Rice with Mango. But be warned: this dessert could be addictive! So, what are you waiting for? Give in to your sweet tooth and experience the authentic taste of Thailand.

at min. -18°C, do not refreeze after defrost

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