청정원 순창 태양초 찰고추장 - 500g

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Gochujang is a Korean seasoning paste made from fermented soybeans, rice and chili powder. It is a staple food in Korea and is considered THE seasoning for many traditional dishes. It impresses with its uniquely spicy, smoky and slightly sweet aroma. The seasoning paste has a hot and sour taste and is often used as a marinade or dip. It can also be used to season vegetables (e.g. kimchi, zucchinis, cucumbers and onions), soups, fish or meat.


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Gochujang for explosions of flavor

Gochujang paste consists of fermented vegetables, chili, sugar and salt. The mixture provides an excellent contrast between acidity and spiciness and makes every dish irresistibly aromatic and delicious. Use Gochujang paste in your dishes to intensify the flavors without adding a lot of salt or fat.

Our red gochujang paste is a true all-rounder in the kitchen! The spicy paste adds a tangy note to any dish and is incredibly tasty. Whether as a marinade for meat or vegetables, as a dip or to refine sauces or soups - the versatile application possibilities make Gochujang paste so unique and indispensable in cooking. Made from high-quality ingredients, it adds a delicious touch to any dish.

Buy Gochujang - fermented hot seasoning paste

The Korean chili paste Gochujang is ideal for those who like to enjoy exotic flavors in their dishes. This product is produced in Korea and delivered directly to looddl - for maximum freshness. Gochujang pastes can be used directly as a dip (even better with a little sesame oil) or as a marinade or soup base: In this way, the paste lays the foundation for various flavors in Korean cuisine. At the same time, gochujang always stands out as a favorite flavor in the dish. With its thick consistency, it is not only easy to measure out, but also versatile.

Gochujang is perfect for adding spice and heat to any Korean recipe. It is often used in bibimbap, Korean popcorn, raclette tteokbokki, bulgogi and other traditional or fusion dishes to give them a deep flavor and intense spice. By the way: In addition to the fermented seasoning paste Gochujang, our range includes many other delicious sauces and pastes that are guaranteed to add that certain something to your favorite dish. Try our high-quality gochujang sauce and let the fiery flavors inspire you!

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