Hon Mirin - 500ml

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Sweet, aromatic, indispensable! Hon Mirin is the insider tip for authentic Japanese cuisine. This sweet rice wine gives your dishes a subtle sweetness and a deep aroma. Perfect for marinades, dressings or for deglazing pan-fried dishes. Discover the taste of Japan and take your cooking to the next level. One sip is enough!

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Are you ready to broaden your culinary horizons? Then let yourself be inspired by the sweet seduction of Hon Mirin - 500ml from KIZAKURA. This traditional Japanese condiment is a real insider tip for anyone who wants to take their dishes to the next level.

Hon Mirin, also known as sweet rice wine, is an indispensable part of Japanese cuisine. Made from fermented rice, water and koji, it impresses with its sweet, mild taste and golden color. It gives your dishes a subtle sweetness and a deep, complex taste that is simply incomparable.

Whether as a marinade for meat and fish, in soups and sauces or as an ingredient in dressings and dips - Hon Mirin is a real all-rounder. It gives your dishes a pleasant sweetness and provides a nice glaze. The 500 ml bottle is ideal for anyone who likes to experiment and discover new flavors.

But Hon Mirin can do even more: How about a sweet mirin tea as a digestif after a sumptuous meal, for example? Or add a shot to your morning coffee for an exotic twist. There are no limits to your creativity!

So, what are you waiting for? Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of Japanese cuisine and discover the sweet magic of Hon Mirin. But be careful: this condiment is so delicious that you might not want to miss it. So why wait any longer? Let yourself be enchanted by Hon Mirin and bring a piece of Japan into your kitchen!

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