삼양 핵불닭볶음면 - 140g

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Fire meets flavor with Buldak Hot Chicken Ramyeon! Double hot and full of flavor, these noodles are the ultimate kick for all spicy lovers. Perfect for a cozy evening at home or as a spicy challenge for your friends. Let yourself be seduced by the spiciness and experience the taste of Korea!

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Are you ready to send your taste buds on a fiery journey? Then Buldak Hot Chicken Ramyeon (2x Spicy) - 140g is just the thing for you! This product is not just a simple ramen pack, it is a ticket to the world of Korean cuisine that will delight you with its spiciness and flavor.

Buldak Hot Chicken Ramyeon is a creation of SAMYANG, a renowned manufacturer of instant noodles in South Korea. The main ingredient is of course the noodle itself, which is enriched with a special blend of spices to create the unmistakable taste of spicy chicken. But be careful, this ramen is twice as spicy as the normal version!

Imagine you're sitting at home on a cold winter's day, enjoying a steaming bowl of this spicy ramen. Or maybe you're at a party and want to offer your friends something new and exciting. With Buldak Hot Chicken Ramyeon, you can provide a flavor kick in any situation.

The 140g pack is ideal for one person, but if you dare, you can also share it. It's perfect for anyone who loves spicy food and is willing to test their limits. But also for those who are just curious and want to try something new.

You can, of course, prepare and enjoy the ramen in the traditional way. But why not get creative? Use it as a base for a stir-fry, add it to your favorite salad or use the spice mix to give your chicken a kick. The possibilities are endless!

So, are you ready to take up the challenge and try Buldak Hot Chicken Ramyeon? But be warned, these ramens are not for the faint-hearted! They're hot, they're spicy and they're absolutely delicious. So, what are you waiting for? Order now and discover the fiery world of Buldak Hot Chicken Ramyeon!

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