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종가집 평안도식 물냉면 (2pcs) - 780g

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Refresh your palate with Mul Naengmyeon, the authentic Korean cold noodles! This 780g pack contains two portions of pure indulgence. Made from the finest buckwheat and served with an ice-cold broth, these noodles are the perfect accompaniment for hot summer days or as a refreshing change of pace. Let yourself be enchanted by Korean cuisine!

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Have you ever had the feeling that your food is missing something? Something that takes it from good to great? Then Mul Naengmyeon from JONGGA is exactly what you need. These Korean cold noodles are not only a refreshing dish for hot summer days, but also a culinary experience that will send your taste buds on a journey.

Mul Naengmyeon is a traditional Korean dish consisting of springy buckwheat noodles and a refreshing cold broth. The noodles are made from buckwheat and sweet potato starch, which gives them a unique taste and a pleasant texture. The broth is the heart of the dish, a cold, refreshing liquid that catapults your taste buds into a new dimension.

Whether you're planning a romantic dinner for two or just looking for a snack for yourself, Mul Naengmyeon is always a good choice. With two portions in a 780g pack, you can share the experience or simply enjoy more for yourself. And the best thing about it? You can customize it however you like. Add hard-boiled eggs, pickled radish or a splash of vinegar or mustard to keep it traditional, or experiment with your favorite ingredients to create your own unique dish.

But why stick with the traditional? Mul Naengmyeon can also serve as a base for a variety of dishes. How about a cold noodle soup or a refreshing salad? The possibilities are endless.

So, what are you waiting for? Dive into the world of Korean cuisine and discover what you've been missing. But be warned: once you've tried Mul Naengmyeon, you'll never want to go back. So why wait any longer? Order now and bring a piece of Korean culture into your kitchen!

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