Minced Garlic - 326g

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Enjoy the convenience of LEE KUM KEE Minced Garlic, this minced garlic is ready to use and ideal for quick preparation of sauces, marinades and various Asian dishes.

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Enrich your cooking with the intense and aromatic flavour of LEE KUM KEE Minced Garlic - 326g. This high-quality ingredient brings the traditional flavours of Asian cuisine directly into your kitchen, providing a convenient and delicious way to enhance your dishes.

LEE KUM KEE, renowned for its premium Asian foods, produces this minced garlic with the utmost care. Each pack contains finely minced fresh garlic, ready to use and saving you the hassle of preparation. The garlic is carefully selected and processed to ensure that its intense flavour and rich aroma are fully preserved.

LEE KUM KEE Minced Garlic has a wide range of uses: use it as a base for sauces, marinades and dressings to enhance meat, fish or vegetables. Sauté it with other ingredients to add a flavourful base to your stir-fries, or add it to soups and stews to add depth of flavour. This minced garlic is also great for seasoning rice and pasta dishes.

The convenient 326g pack is ideal for households that want to use quality and versatile seasonings on a regular basis. This pack size ensures that you always have enough garlic on hand to enjoy spontaneous meals or to entertain your guests. LEE KUM KEE Minced Garlic is free from artificial additives and preservatives, making it a natural and healthy choice for your kitchen.

LEE KUM KEE Minced Garlic brings the authentic flavours of Asia directly to your table. Its premium quality and versatility make it a must-have for anyone who loves the natural and intense flavour of fresh garlic.

So, what are you waiting for? Experience the perfect combination of intense flavour and versatility with LEE KUM KEE Minced Garlic - 326g and discover the nutritious variety and pure pleasure this product offers. Your kitchen will thank you and you will appreciate the quality and taste of this special garlic time and time again.

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