Dashi no Moto (Soup Stock) - 40g

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This dashi stock is a must on every Japanese pantry shelf and adds a unique aromatic depth to traditional Japanese dishes. Dashi is the basis for the famous "umami" in Japanese dishes such as ramen, miso soup, gyudon and okonomiyaki. Use dashi powder as a base for Japanese soups and sauces or as a seasoning.


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Dashi powder "Dashi no moto" - the classic in Japanese cuisine

Dashi powder is practical for anyone who wants to eat real Japanese food but doesn't want to cook a dashi broth themselves. Or if you need it quickly. "Dashi no moto" from Shimaya has been a classic instant dashi stock for years and is also used in Japan to make a tasty dashi stock. It gives Japanese dishes that special taste and typical sea flavor and can be prepared in just a few minutes.

Traditionally, only three ingredients are used for dashi stock: Kombu seaweed and katsuobushi, which are boiled in plenty of water. Katsuobushi are wafer-thin flakes of dried tuna bonito. Kombu refers to seaweed that is dried and offered in strips. Sometimes dashi is also prepared on the basis of mushrooms (e.g. shiitake mushrooms) or exclusively on the basis of kombu seaweed. This variant is not only vegetarian, but also vegan. For the dashi powder "Dashi no moto", however, ground katsuobushi bonito flakes and therefore fish are used as the base. Together with the other ingredients, the bonito flakes bring a deep flavor to the broth.

Preparing a delicious dashi broth or dashi seasoning is much easier and quicker with the instant powder than with the traditional method. Simply bring water to the boil, stir in a sufficient amount of dashi powder until it has completely dissolved - and the delicious dashi, which tastes just like in Japan, is ready.

Examples for the dosage of dashi instant broth

The dashi aroma and the typical "umami" taste develop best with the following dosage:

  • Miso soup: approx. 1 g soup powder to 150 ml water
  • Ramen or udon noodle soup: approx. 3-4 g of soup powder to 500 ml of water
  • Cooked vegetables or meat: 2 g dashi powder to 100 ml water
  • Fried dishes such as yakiudon or yakisoba: 6 g powder per portion
  • Japanese curry: 1 g powder per portion

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