Rice Flour (Glutinous) - 454g

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Enchant your kitchen with Glutinous Rice Flour! This versatile flour is the key to your favorite Asian desserts. From sticky rice cakes to sweet dumplings, it unleashes the authentic flavor and texture you love. Perfect for creative cooks and those with a sweet tooth. Discover the magic of Glutinous Rice Flour and take your baking skills to the next level!

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Have you ever discovered the secret of Asian cuisine? presents Rice Flour (Glutinous) - 454g from JADE LEAF, the heart of many traditional Asian dishes. This product is more than just a simple flour, it is the key to a world of culinary possibilities.

Rice Flour (Glutinous) is a finely ground flour made from glutinous rice, known for its sticky texture and sweet taste. It is a staple in many Asian cuisines and is used in a variety of dishes, from sweet desserts to savory main courses.

Imagine making your own mochi at home or creating a bowl of steaming, sticky rice balls. Or maybe you want to try your hand at traditional Chinese dim sum or Thai sticky rice with mango? With this Rice Flour (Glutinous), there are no limits to your creativity.

The 454g pack is ideal for anyone who likes to experiment and try out new dishes. It's also perfect for those looking for a gluten-free alternative to conventional flour. And for the more adventurous among you, why not try using it in your baked goods to add a unique texture and subtle sweet flavor?

So, why wait? Dive into the fascinating world of Asian cuisine with the Rice Flour (Glutinous) - 454g from JADE LEAF. Your taste buds will thank you. But be warned: once you've discovered the taste and versatility of this product, you'll wonder how you ever managed without it!

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