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Naan Chilli & Coriander (4pcs) - 300g

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Awaken your taste buds with Naan Chilli & Coriander! These delicious flatbreads, refined with spicy chilli and fresh coriander, are the perfect accompaniment to your favorite curry. Whether for dinner with friends or as a quick snack between meals - their unique flavor makes for an unforgettable taste experience. Let yourself be enchanted by the diversity of Indian cuisine!


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Have you ever experienced the perfect balance between spicy and refreshing in a bread? Let Naan Chilli & Coriander (4pcs) - 300g, made by SHANA, take you to a world of flavor explosions. This product is more than just a bread, it's a culinary journey that takes you straight to India.

Naan Chilli & Coriander is a traditional Indian flatbread flavored with fiery chillies and refreshing coriander. Made from high-quality wheat flour, this bread is incredibly soft and fluffy, while the chillies and coriander provide a distinctive taste.

Whether served with your favorite curry, stuffed with delicious tandoori chicken or simply spread with a little butter - Naan Chilli & Coriander is always the right choice. The 300g pack contains four pieces, making it ideal for a cozy dinner with friends or family. But be careful: this bread is so delicious that you might not even want to share it!

But who says naan can only serve as a side dish? Why not try a sandwich with naan instead of normal bread? Or how about a naan pizza night? The possibilities are endless and there are no limits to your creativity.

So, what are you waiting for? Immerse yourself in the spicy, refreshing world of Naan Chilli & Coriander and discover what you've been missing! Your taste buds will thank you. But be warned: this bread could become your new favorite food!

at min. -18°C, do not refreeze after defrost
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