Korean Ginseng Liquor - 375ml

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Awaken your senses with KSD Korean Ginseng Liquor! This exquisite liqueur, made from high-quality Korean ginseng, is a real treat for the palate. Perfect for special occasions or as an exquisite end to a fine meal. Discover the unique taste of Korea and let yourself be enchanted by the power of ginseng. Your moment of pleasure awaits!

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Have you ever felt the taste of 1000 years of tradition on your tongue? Let yourself be seduced by KSD Korean Ginseng Liquor - 375ml, a unique drink that captures the essence of Korean culture in every bottle.

KSD Korean Ginseng Liquor is a high-quality liqueur produced by KOOKSOONDANG, a renowned Korean manufacturer with centuries of experience. The liqueur is made from carefully selected six-year-old Korean ginseng, which is known for its health-promoting properties. This liqueur is not just a drink, but a piece of Korean heritage that you hold in your hands.

Imagine sitting with friends on a chilly evening and the smooth taste of KSD Korean Ginseng Liquor warms you from the inside out. Or enjoying it as a relaxing nightcap after a long day. With its elegant 375ml bottle, this liqueur is the perfect gift for any occasion and a must for any lover of fine spirits.

But wait, there's more! KSD Korean Ginseng Liquor can also be used as a creative addition to your kitchen. Use it to refine your sauces or marinades and discover a new dimension of flavor. Or how about a ginseng liqueur cocktail for your next party?

So, are you ready to discover the magic of 1000 years of Korean tradition? Let KSD Korean Ginseng Liquor enchant you and immerse yourself in a world of flavor and culture. But be warned: once you've tried it, you'll never want to be without it again!

South Korea
cool, dry and protected from light
Minimum age 18 years
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